Heading over Sals :)

I’m heading to the commons now! I’ll stand guard there and we’ll head over to sals a little after noon to avoid the rain!
Look for the curly blonde hair and red lipstick!


So, since rain is apparently on it’s way, how about we all just meet at Sal’s pizza (150 Tremont street, next to the Commons). Less waiting for food!

Ok everyone! Seeing a few of you last Saturday was great, and now the week of the concert is upon us! We’re organizing one final get together the day of, for pizza in the Commons! Anyone who can come, please message us and let us all know :)

Fthe first meet up is here! We’re on route as I type !


So if you’re going, RSVP :) 

or just message me!


If people are worried about going alone, there is a possibility to rendezvous before the concert! 

It just seemed to be a concern for some people. I’ll happily hang out with anyone day of :D

Hello Everyone!

So this is obviously really short notice, so everyone, let’s pull together and make this happen!

Check out the links, tell your friends, and LET’S MEET UP!